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About us

Bovercon Pty Ltd 

Bovercon is a collaboration of passionate, creative and bright individuals who believe that a well designed and constructed building will truly elevate the spirits of those working or living within the space.

Whether your project is large or small, we believe every project should be treated with the same level of professionalism. We know how stressful construction can be, that’s why we manage the entire process on your behalf.

At Bovercon we are passionate about creating ...

Bovercon Pty. Ltd. is a fully licenced and insured company. We are a member of Master Builders Australia, The Housing Industry Association and The Fire Protection Association.

As a professional building company, one of areas of expertise is compliance with the Building Code of Australia and the related standards.


Every year, each retirement village / building is required to complete an annual certification of the fire safety services installed at their sites and within their buldings.


The fire industry sector has seen a huge change in the requirements regarding who can certify the installed systems.


We have seen many instances where the usual contractors maintaining these measures are no longer qualified under the new regime to certify the installed fire systems.


In addition there has been a significant upgrade of the Australian Standards for some of the basic fire services like sprinklers and hydrants.


As the annual certification process affects every retirement village and building, we think it is something that could be considered for future conferences, by addressing the changes in the building and fire compliance industry and providing details of the basic requirements and responsibility each building manager has in regard to compliance, upgrades and certification.

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